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Our Mission

The Nuns of Texas, Abbey of the Third Cumming, is a modern order of 22nd-century nuns dedicated to our ministry serving the Texan Queer Community. We dedicate ourselves to advocacy, fundraising, outreach, and education, in order to promote human rights, respect for diversity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Our Values

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty. We are an abbey of liberators who believe in an inclusive and spacious movement. The Queer community is diverse intersectional, we believe that as a Community and as individuals, we must move beyond the narrow prejudice and bigotry that pervades and divides Queer communities. We must ensure we are building a movement that brings all Queer voices to the front.

Political & Social Advocacy

Nuns of Texas members are, by their very nature, agents of political, and social change. Some members wish to identify only with the service or spiritual aspects of the Order, but there is no escape from the controversial and political qualities of the Sisterhood. Nuns of Texas plan demonstrations and affect various social issues. As the Nuns of Texas, we advocate for political and social change to build a more equitable and inclusive world, free from oppression and guilt.

Social Service

As Queer Nuns we vow to serve our community. Our efforts are focused on community outreach, harm reduction, and connecting individuals to resources. When we are asked, “Why are you mocking nuns?” we answer: “We are nuns!” We do all that traditional nuns have done for centuries. We have raised lots of money for service organizations. We visit the sick, feed the hungry, and generally service the community. We are nuns!


Although members attaining Fully Professed status are considered members for life, the road to that end is not an easy one. The Abbey requires its Fully Professed and Novice Sisters, to demonstrate commitment to the ideals of the Abbey, the community at large and to the individuals that comprise the Nuns of Texas. As with all nuns, priests, clerics, shamans, and other holy individuals around the world, there is inherent in their title an immense amount of self-sacrifice. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Queer Nuns are known for going out and being glamorous. As an order, we have a lot of fun but there is a lot of work involved as well. Members must perform mundane but necessary services to the Order, participate in functions that they would not normally care to attend, and give up some of their personal freedoms so that the Abbey may flourish. This is what it is to be a nun, what it is to support the community, and what it is to serve the human race.

Honoring our History

As Nuns of Texas we honor the Queer Nuns who have paved the way before us. We recognize and build on their legacy today. Queer nuns around the world have made massive contributions to the Queer community. The Nuns of Texas honor and respect our shared history as Queer Nuns. However, we can not be bound by the past. In today’s rapidly changing world we too must grow and evolve. 

Join us in Supporting the DFW​ Community

Volunteer with Us!

It takes a lot of work to support our community, and we could use your help! Our ministry is to serve, and advocate for the Queer Community in Texas and Beyond. The work of the Abbey includes fundraising, education, advocacy, and entertainment. 

Ready to get involved and support the work of the Nuns of Texas?!? Well, thank goodness because we need your help! Whether you want to don the Habit and work to become a Fully Professed Sister, or you just want to commit to helping out at an event now and then, WE NEED YOU!! So please fill out this form and let's get started!

Meet Our Members

Fully Professed

Fully Professed Members of the DFW Sisters, Abbey of the Lone Star have all of the rights and privileges of a Member: they may vote, represent the Order and manifest as they feel called to do so.  Our Fully Professed Members serve the Order in many different roles; taken as a whole, they make the Order what it is.


Novices begin to manifest the outward appearance of a Sister. A Novice wears the whiteface and wimple, although she is only allowed to wear a pure white veil (or hat for Guards). With their Mother's help, they must plan, organize and throw an event in the community or a project that betters the Order. 

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