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Novices are nuns in training and begin to manifest the outward appearance of a Sister. A Novice wears the whiteface and wimple, although she is only allowed to wear a pure white veil. With their Mother's help, they must plan, organize and throw an event in the community or a project that betters the Order. Once Novices are ready, the Abbey will elevate them to be Fully Professed Sisters.

Future Novice

Join us in Supporting the DFW​ Community

Volunteer with Us!

It takes a lot of work to support our community, and we could use your help! Our ministry is to serve, and advocate for the Queer Community in Texas and Beyond. The work of the Abbey includes fundraising, education, advocacy, and entertainment. 

Ready to get involved and support the work of the Nuns of Texas?!? Well, thank goodness because we need your help! Whether you want to don the Habit and work to become a Fully Professed Sister, or you just want to commit to helping out at an event now and then, WE NEED YOU!! So please fill out this form and let's get started!

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