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Sister Delilah Dolittle

As a Queer Nun I am deeply, and passionately, tied to the radical vision of a queer consciousness that the first Queer Nuns hoped to portray and develop. I believe that as Queer Nuns we are called to serve the community in a way that is not only fun but is also a radical. As Sister Marymea Himm said; “I think the iconography of the nun is really powerful. It allows people to understand a certain amount of safety, without necessarily having to verbally express it. I also think that for queer people, it was really important to sort of skewer something that was hurtful and damaging. And try to skewer it in such a way that it became useful.” As a Queer Nun I hope to serve the community to not only develop a sense of safety for all people but also build empowerment and spread joy. 

The Calling:

As an undergraduate student coming out I had a very difficult time, I was fired from my job and outed to my friends and family, some of whom have not spoken to me since. At that difficult time in my life I attempted suicide. With the incredible support of my university, and close friends I survived. One of the things that helped me and my friends through that time was Sister Unity's YouTube Channel. We watched her videos and found inspiration, hope, and JOY while struggling with our own demons. I knew at some point I wanted to provide that for others. I searched for a long time to find the right way to serve the community. After a long time of searching I realized the answer and my calling was right in front of me this whole time. SO after I finished Grad School I moved to the Great State of Texas and set out to become the Queer nun I am today.  I am a sister to put forward the wonderful kindness and support that has been shown to me throughout my life.  The Best part is I have so much fun while doing it. 

Little Sisters:

 Mel Atonin 


Kessie Dubois

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