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Sister Kessie DuBois

I grew up in the small town of Paris, TX where I struggled to find myself. It was a struggle to not be noticed and keep my head down, but I was never going to budge once I found my identity. I graduated and fled to UNT where I had to learn how to be me. Years after graduating I've torn down many walls, but I'm always building to be my authentic self not listening to self-doubt or the past both in and out of face.

Big Sister

Sister Karen Love


Sister Delilah Dolittle


July 12th, 2020

The Calling:

I've never felt like I was doing enough, but I just didn't know how to scratch that itch. After ointments didn't work my Mother prodded me into the Sisterhood when she was sick of me ranting about wanting to do more but not knowing how. It was just the kick I needed. I am called now to minister on education of queer history, of safer sex, and of accepting yourself. It's hard to live if you aren't living in your truth, live authentically with a life dedicated to yourself.



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