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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is when people at very high risk for HIV take daily medicine to prevent HIV. PrEP can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout your body. When taken daily, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV from sex or injection drug use. PrEP is much less effective when it is not taken consistently.

Studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99% when taken daily. Among people who inject drugs, PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV by at least 74% when taken daily.

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PrEP Programs

HELP Center - LGBT Center

Now you can get FREE PrEP services anywhere in Texas without having to visit our clinics! Schedule a TelePrEP visit today!

Taken daily, PrEP reduces the risk of HIV infection by 99% and at HELP it’s completely FREE.

The HELP Center for LGBT Health and Wellness is the only place in Texas where anyone who needs it can get PrEP & PEP at no charge. We’re committed to helping keep our community healthy. Eliminating the financial barriers many people face in accessing PrEP & PEP is one way we’re doing that. No matter your age, race, gender, income level, or if you’re insured or uninsured…there are never any charges for our services.

No costs for examinations. No costs for labs. No costs for medications.

It’s FREE for everyone!

Prism Health - PrEP Program

There are trained professionals at Prism Health North Texas to help you decide if PrEP could be a good option for you. You may also discuss the option with your primary care physician.

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